This review is on the Veet Gold Facial Treatment Serum.

Honestly, I did not plan to review this product. I planned to let it go down the drain and just act like I never tried the product but someone asked about it in the comment section and I decided, why not.

Product Details: Veet Gold Facial Treatment Serum is a 60ml serum that claims to treat the skin, clear scars, spot and whiten the skin. It is face serum.

Price: 3,200 – 5,000 Naira. Price may vary depending on your location.


My Experience

Veet Gold has some really nice products and they have a lot of products. The issue I have had in the past and still have is the effectiveness of said products and the textures.

This serum looks really good, on paper. In the sense that, the ingredient list looks good, affordable price and supposedly works but the texture of this serum, I can’t deal. The texture is off, it applies and feels sticky on the skin and it is very annoying. It stays like that all day long. If and when you sweat it stays sticky.

This is the reason why I stopped. I did not use it long enough to see if it worked or not.


  • Ingredient List looks promising


  • Very thick and sticky
  • Does not absorb into the skin

Rating: 1/5

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