Today’s review is on the  Dermaliss Cleanser also called Dermaliss Cleaner Body Lotion.

I’m beginning to have my doubts about a lot of affordable skincare and Dermaliss was the thing that made me start to question things.

So, here’s the story. I tried this Dermaliss cleanser right after I got rid of the Santarde Cleanser. I was told at the beauty supply store about how good and active it is. Seeing I had a bad experience with Santarde and the ingredient list looked really good, I decided to try it out.

Product Details: Dermaliss Lotion (cleaner body lotion) comes in a 125ml size bottle.

Price: 1,000 – 2,000 naira. Price may vary based on your location.

Ingredients: Carrot Extracts, MBS, Salicylic Acid <1%, Benzoic Acid <1%,  Alcohol, MPG, Antioxidant, Glycerin, Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Water, Fragrance. 

My Experience: I do not like this product also!!!! It stung from the first application. I’ve become worried about products that sting soo much on the first use. I don’t think products are supposed to sting that bad. Products like that tend to do more good than bad.

I did not use it long enough to even see any result from it. It was too much for my skin.

The main issue I had also was that when I got home after buying, I tried to do some research and started to see a lot of things about fake and original, that’s when my fear began. When people start to say this one is fake, this one is original or this one is from here but that one is from here, i get lost. But I may as well pass the information to you guys out there.

The fake based on my findings is Bleaching body Lotion while the original has the Cleaner Body Lotion. The one I bought was the original (thank God) and as shown in the picture, I barely used it at all.  Find the picture below.

How to Spot the Fake vs Original Dermaliss Cleanser

Side effects: 

  • Very harsh and would sting your skin
  • Leaves the skin very sensitive to sunlight
  • Darkened my face. Although some people said it did not do that for them and it actually glowed their skin.
  • Made me sweat on my face.

In my opinion, this is not for everyone at all! If you have sensitive skin, you might not want to use this product. If you struggle with severe acne and acne scarring, the RDL Baby face cleanser is the top on my list.

Also note that what works for me may not work for you. Everyone’s skin is different and as a reviewer, I am writing based on my own experiences. So, you can use my reviews as a pointer/reminder on what to expect and what not to expect.

Please share your experiences with the Dermaliss Cleanser in the comments below. People ten to share theirs and you may get one or 2 extra things that I may not have experienced.

Until my next post! Kisses!


Ife · August 27, 2022 at 12:52 pm

I am sorry about your experience. The product works great for me. I guess you should always add to your review that skins vary so as not to discourage others from getting the product because it didn’t work for you.
Since I started the product I hardly get pimples, I met the product when my face was almost destroyed my another product. This saved my skin and helped it glow with consistent usage. I recommend consistent usage for only chocolate/light skinned people.

    Half Price Beau · August 29, 2022 at 1:46 pm

    Hi Ife,
    Glad it worked for you. I actually used to say that everyone’s skin is different, I guess I must have stopped at some point. I do know that everyone’s skin is different.
    My skin is very sensitive and that’s why I had an adverse reaction to it.
    I’ll edit this and add that disclaimer.
    Thanks for sharing your experience.

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