Today’s review is on the  Santarde Cleanser/Toner. 

I have been on a skincare binge for the past 2 months and I assure you, I have tried a lot of products.

Here is what happened, I don’t know what caused this (it started after I used Gluta C Soap) but I started breaking out with pimples. I am not usually someone who has pimples so, I freaked out!. I panicked and I went on a skincare hunt.

This is a normal thing that, every year, I have periods where I break out for really no reason but somehow, it throws me off balance every time it happens. Another reason could be because lately, I’ve been trying out different soaps and soaps tend to affect the skin’s PH levels a lot more than other skincare products and could be the reason for my breakouts.

Just know that a lot of products that I tried during this period were in pursuit of me clearing my acne and spots from this acne. I know how beneficial cleansers can be for acne, especially in drying and treating them, so I wanted to get one as soon as possible.

Another thing was that my usual Skin Doctor Toner did not work for me around this time, surprisingly. I figured I needed something stronger as Skin Doctor Toner was really mild.

Product Details: Santarde Lotion (cleansing lotion) comes in a small 60ml size bottle. I could not get the makers of this product but I just know it is an African-made product.

Price: 1,000 – 2,000 naira. Price may vary based on your location.

Ingredients: Fruit Acids, Camphor.  

My Experience: I do not like this product at all!!!! It darkened me, dried out my skin and left my skin tight and tingling. If I step out even after wearing sunscreen, I become visibly darker.

Although, it did dry up all the acne the feeling was uncomfortable and annoying. At first, I decided not to give up on it. I saw some videos that suggested that you could mix the Santarde Lotion with a regular but very mild cleanser or something like rose water or distilled water. So what I did was mix it with my Skin Doctor Toner that I had left but it didn’t make any difference in my opinion.

It still smelled strong, left me darker and stung my face whenever I used it even after mixing.

Lest I forget, it smells like excessively strong Camphor. When I stopped, my acne came back not up to 3 days later.  The rate at which I threw it out eh. Honestly, a lot of all these products tend to do more damage than good.


  • NIL – I do not like this cleanser at all.


  • Smells like strong camphor
  • Dries out your skin and even the skin’s natural oils.
  • Darkens your face.

Rating: 0.5/5

Before people who have had good experiences come for me, I was sure I got the original. I watched a lot of videos on how to spot the fake and original and my supplier is very trusted so I was sure I got the original one

Secondly, I do not advise anyone at all to use this Cleanser. Only if you have severe acne and you do not mind your face darkening or drying up, then maybe you can try it out and when your acne is gone, focus on moisturizing and heavily building your skin but if not, I would rather you do not use it at all.

If you struggle with severe acne, you can use the RDL Hydroquinone Tretinoin Solution and read my review here to understand how to use it.

Until my next post! Kisses!



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