Today it’s another Asantee Soap review.

One of my favourite soaps of all time was the Asantee Papaya Soap but then, the fake ones started to circulate the market and after buying one or 2 fake ones, I completely dropped it in 2020. Sometime last year, 2021, I saw it again in the beauty supply store and decided to buy it once again but this time, it broke me out badly. That’s when I finally gave up on Asantee soaps until now.

So, instead of buying the papaya one again, I decided to use it as an experimental means to try out other variants of the Asantee soaps.

This review is going to be in the Asantee Carrot with Honey Soap.

Product Details: Asantee Carrot with Honey Soap is a Thai herbal product and I really like the brand as a whole. They have soaps and scrubs. I see a lot of products out there ranging from Lotions to shower gels and I cannot confirm if it is from Asantee themself or from someone associated with them or even a company imitating them. Based on their website, they specialise in only soaps and scrubs which I have used and their scrubs have become a favourite of mine. The next soap I want to try is their Asantee Tamarind & Goat milk soap.

Price: 700 – 1,000 naira. Price may vary based on your location.

Ingredients: Coconut palm oil, sodium hydroxide solution, Carrot Extract, Glutathione, Vitamin C, AHA. 


  • Moisturizing does not leave the skin feeling dry.
  • Very affordable and available.
  • Milder and gentler on the skin.
  • Still has the Asantee papaya vibe without the papaya.
  • It helps to even out the skin completely.


  • I think that this is less active than the Asantee papaya. 

Rating: 3.5/5

If you liked Asantee Papaya Soap but you are worried about fakes and whatnot, then you should go for this. It is not as drying as the papaya soap and in my opinion, it is less active on the skin. This is generally because Papaya has a more brightening and exfoliating effect on your skin while Carrot doesn’t exfoliate the skin as much. It is well-known papaya is one of the best natural exfoliants in skincare and I need that for my skin.

Also note that you may not notice any effects in the first almost 4 weeks because I did not notice any stand-out differences even after 2 weeks but consistent use, will brighten your skin only gradually and gently.

As for me, I may not be buying again, I generally have come to the conclusion that I prefer papaya extracts in soaps to carrot extracts. I like carrots in Lotions and oils.

Another thing, I found out about this Asantee Extra White soap that contains Carrot and Papaya, I wanted to try that one out but I became sceptical when I couldn’t find the soap on their website.  Not finding it on their website made me feel like it was one of the fakes out there or some sort of imitation.

This is the Extra White

If you have used this, kindly share your experience in the comments below.

Until my next post, Kisses!


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