hpbeau paw paw lotion review

Today’s review is on the Paw Paw Clarifying oil.

Product Details: Paw Paw Clarifying oil comes in a 60ml bottle. The product has its bar soap, face cream, lotion, oil and shower gel in a set.

Price: 800 – 1,500 naira. Price may vary based on your location.

Ingredients: Glycerin, MPG, Water, AHA, Kojic Acid, Vitamin E, Fragrance. 

My Experience: I bought this oil out of curiosity, to be honest. I have used the lotion before, you can read my review here. Recalling my experience with the lotion, which was not bad, I decided to give the oil a try.

I have mixed feelings about this oil, but I liked it for the most part. It reminds me of CT+ Clear therapy oil which I have reviewed.  To no surprise of mine, they are both from the same Dream Cosmetics brand. It works well for the skin to brighten and moisturize in one. It has a nice texture and well you apply it on your skin it dries off fast and does not leave the skin feeling sticky or oily. It dries quite well on the skin.

The first time I used it, I used it to mix my shower gel which turned out to be a disaster. It made my shower gel runny and watery and I tried mixing it with a lotion but it somehow made the lotion sticky on my skin. The best way to use it, in my opinion, is by mixing it with any lotion but in small amounts.

Also, being that the scrub I was using at this time was a dry scrub which was the Veet Gold Coffee Scrub, it made it better and easier to use.  Although I took care to use a very small amount. So it would not affect the texture of the scrub too. It left my skin feeling smooth, moisturized and all-around glowing. I also mixed it with my Kuu spa scrub after my Veet Gold coffee scrub finished, and it made the Kuu scrub watery. I had to throw it out and buy another one. Something inside it makes it do that to these products.


  • Lightweight and very moisturising.
  • It brightens the skin.
  • Does not leave your skin feeling sticky or oily.
  • Very very affordable.
  • It can be used directly on the skin for both the face and body.


  • Quite a small bottle.
  • The texture is good and bad. Good that it works well on its own, bad that it cannot be mixed with anything runny, liquid or containing a lot of water or something.
  • Does not mix well with most shower gels and liquid scrubs. It left my shower gel and liquid scrub runny and watery instead. Mix only with dry scrub, lotions or oils.

Rating: 3/5

Can the Paw Paw Clarifying Oil be used directly on the skin?
  • Yes, you can! But, use only at night.
What are the side effects of Paw Paw Clarifying Oil
  • I did not notice any side effects during the time I used it.

If you need something to boost moisture for your skin then this is not a bad buy. Also, note that it will brighten your skin but not whiten it. Which is a good thing in my book.

The main issue is that it is quite small and runs out quickly, so mixing it with a lotion will serve you better.

Until my next post! Kisses!




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