I have yet another Perfume Review!!!

This perfume is on my all-time favourite list of perfumes. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll do a post on all my favourite perfumes, fingers crossed.

This perfume till date, I’m quite surprised how it’s not as popular as you’d expect it to be but this perfume is QUALITY!!!!.

HER MAJESTY for her is a fragrance variation by LATTAFA. A perfume made in the UAE under the brand name Lattafa. Lattafa is quite known for the range of perfumes they make that are usually quality and very affordable. Do not quote me, but I think Lattafa, Alhambra, Paris Corner and Fragrance world are from the same company head. There is the variant for men called HIS MAJESTY.

Buying this perfume, I did not know what to expect really. The only thing was that I sprayed a bit on my hand and I fell in love. This was sometime last year, 2021.

Price: 5,000 – 9,000 naira. Price may vary based on your location. When I got it, I got it for exactly 5k but don’t know how much it would cost now, especially with inflation.

Notes: I could not find the notes for the perfume anywhere. I could only find that some people compared this perfume to Lancome Oud Bouquet. 

Longevity: 5/5 Long lasting all day! You’d spray in the morning and i bet you, by evening or night or even the next day you would still smell it on your clothes. Skin-wise, I have not tested that yet. 

Silage: 4.5/5. It has really strong silage and people will smell you the only thing is, if you become nose-blind to the smell, you may not necessarily notice it. Also, if you are in an open space like a market or so, no, people will not smell you so much. 

Sex: This, in my opinion, can be unisex but the perfume is made for women. There is HIS MAJESTY that is for men.


This perfume smells CLASSY! I feel like classy is the only way to explain it. Somehow, I smell some kind of sweetness and what I would call oud. It is not what you would call sweet, feminine, soft but with a bold touch. I feel like this perfume is for a more mature audience that wants to stand out. Why I say stand out is, to date, I have not smelled another person on this scent.

It’s definitely unique. The scent smells like sweet scents mixed with oud to give a really nice balance. Before this, I was never really a fan of oud scents, I find them too strong, in your face and masculine but Her Majesty just mixes out in such a way that I can actually enjoy it and like it.

In summary, it’s a sweet but oud-y scent and with the oud pronounced and the sweetness to back it up. I cannot completely explain it.

When I described this perfume to some people, I described it as what a rich Arabian woman would smell like.

*Kindly note that I am not an expert in smells or scents, I can only explain based on what I smell and how it makes me feel. If you would like, it’ll be nice to go to a scent shop and get a sample spray for you to determine and detect the scents yourself. 

This perfume is beautiful and as it is, I am out of it BUT! I will be buying again, definitely.

Kindly note these opinions are personal. My review could be a result of so many factors including personal preferences

If you like to smell feminine but not sweet or floral but feminine.

If you like oud and you want a feminine twist to oud scents.

If you want to stand out with your scent and not smell like everyone else.

If you want something long-lasting and affordable.

Then this is for you.

Share your thoughts and opinion in the comment section.


I bought fake! So, I finally found a place to get the Lattafa Her Majesty from and upon getting home, I saw that they are completely different. The perfume I reviewed here is LATTAFA HER MAJESTY and not FRAGRANCE WORLD HER MAJESTY.

The adulterated one out there is the Fragrance world’s own, the original is from Lattafa.

Look out for the Lattafa Logo and Lattafa name when buying. The one without Lattafa on the front of the pack is not the original one.

I guess Lattafa just stopped making them.

Until my next post, Kisses!


Hope · July 8, 2022 at 11:32 am

I presently use a perfume from lattafa(cant remember the name) but it smells amazing af. And long lasting. I enjoyed this review.
Pls I’ll like to ask if you have reviewed Veet gold facial treatment serum? Pls I’ll like a review on it.
—Also have you been able to find a good lotion that gives that pale/whitish pinkish undertone?
I’ll like to know cos that’s my preferred undertone as well, lol.
—Maybe also a face cream that gives that preferred undertone too won’t equally be bad aswell.

    Half Price Beau · July 12, 2022 at 7:36 pm

    Hi Hope,

    Yes, I have used the Veet Gold facial treatment serum. I am still using it. will give a review soon.

    – Regarding the lotion, yes, I may have found one and the review has been drafted also.

    – Face cream, not yet found one.

Hope · July 8, 2022 at 4:07 pm

Hi, pls have u reviewed Veet gold facial treatment serum?
I’ll like to see your review on it.
—Have you also figured out a good lotion that gives that pale/whitish rosy-ish complexion? As that’s my preferred complexion too, lol. Looking forward to one.
—Pls what lightening face cream is Safe and Effective to use. I don’t mind the option of using OR mixing the recommended face cream with whatever you suggest.
I have gotten really dark facially.

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