Today’s review is on the Kuu Charcoal Salt Scrub. I don’t think at this point anyone in the skincare community does not know about Kuu spa scrub. Lately, I have incorporated a bit of exfoliation back into my skincare routine and I have been trying to find the less abrasive physical scrubs, hence, Kuu spa scrub.

When I went to the store to get the scrub, they had only this and the Milk scrub. I took this instead of the milk one for no reason exactly.

Product Details: Kuu Charcoal Salt Scrub comes in a pour and use bottle which I actually like. Compared to other scrubs that you have to scoop to use.

Price: 1500 – 2,500 naira. If you are in Nigeria you can buy any of the other Kuu Spa Salt Variants on Jumia.

Ingredients: I forgot to get the ingredient list before throwing it out!!! 

My Experience:  It works as a regular scrub, to be honest. There is nothing special about it… No, wait! There is something special about it.

This particular salt scrub leaves you with this minty/cooling feel after scrubbing. Which is surprising but nice. It helps to add an extra fancy feel to your routine every time you scrub your skin. I absolutely love it. I think that is where the aromatherapy comes in.

Besides that, it’s a regular scrub that can be used to exfoliate your body.


  • Affordable
  • Smaller and less abrasive salt particles.
  • Gives a cooling sensation to the skin.


  • Nil

Rating: 4.5/5

Can the Kuu Charcoal Spa Scrub whiten or lighten your skin? 
  • NO! I highly doubt it would do anything other than exfoliating the skin. The whitening claim is just a marketing tactic. All of their scrubs have whitening written on them.

If you need a regular body scrub for any skin tone, then this is a good buy. You can go for any other kuu spa salt variants and If you want to feel extra fresh after each scrub, then go for this.

Until my next post! Kisses!


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