hpbeau iman shower gel review

IMAN SHOWER GEL with Rose and carrot oil is a 98% natural shower gel from Thailand herbs with Natural whitening ingredients. Contains Vitamin A, and E with anti-ageing and anti-acne (as stated by the manufacturer).

Product Details: IMAN SHOWER GEL. It comes in a 2000mlbottle.

Price: 3,000 – 5,000 naira. Price may vary depending on your location.

Ingredients: No Ingredient list from the manufacturer. 

My Experience: The IMAN shower gel is orange in colour and quite thick.

I bought this shower gel to help moisturise my skin, especially on days when I do not apply lotion and it did not do anything for me at all! I do not like this shower gel and I could not even get through the full bottle before I abandoned it.

To make things worse, there is no ingredient list making it harder to know or trust the brand or the shower gel.


  • It is quite affordable for the size of 2000ml/2Litres.


  • Does not lather well at all!!
  • Leave my palms feeling dry and squeaky clean. Almost like I used a detergent to wash my hands.
  • No ingredient list!
Rating: 1.5/5

It is not worth it, in my opinion. Even for mixing or pro-mixing, I do not see this as a good base. You’d be better off using a shower gel like Dove or Nivea. The only issue with Dove shower gel is it comes in 500ml for almost the same price as other shower gels.

I think I want to try out the dove shower gel. I have seen some that I am interested in.

Until my next post, kisses!


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