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From the title, you know what I want to talk about. Yes, I used a skin bleaching product. No, I had no reason to do that. One bad thing about me is when I get curious about something, my mind, body and soul will not rest until I try it out. Without further ado, here’s what happened between my skin and Pureform Bleaching Soap 2000.

Product Details: Pureform Bleaching Soap is a product made in the Philipines. Pureform has other soap products like Milk soap, Sulphur Soap etc. These are the most popular from this brand.

Price: 1,500 – 2,500 naira for 135g. Price may vary based on your location.



Rating: 2/10

To listen to my review, click on the link.


Until my next post! Kisses!



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