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So, before I start, as you all know, I mostly post about skincare product reviews and to be fair, I contemplated talking about perfumes here. I thought it would seem too much but, perfumes and skincare go hand in hand for me.

Perfumes have been an obsession for me and to be honest, it’s more than just an obsession now. It’s like therapy for me at the moment. I am that girl that could be crying or really angry but when I smell something good, I am better and it’s all better.

Well, not to talk too much, I am here to talk about Fragrance world Brown Orchid Rose Edition.


Brown Orchid Rose Edition is a fragrance by Fragrance world.
Fragrance world is a perfume company that specializes in dupes and clones of designer perfumes at an affordable and accessible price. They are a blessing to this world, honestly. Also, they are really good at making dupes/clones of more expensive perfumes, these perfumes smell almost identical to the original versions of not similar. Fragrance world has many subsidiaries, such as, Fragrance Avenue, Essencia De Flores, FA Paris, Pendora Scents, Lattafa, Paris Corner etc. A lot of the perfumes I will be reviewing will be from these brands.

Brown orchid rose edition
With Wrapper

Brown orchid rose edition

Without Wrapper

Brown Orchid Rose Edition: My Experience

This perfume was my first real exposure into the world of perfumes. It was my first expensive perfume and when I say expensive, I mean above the 3,000 naira range. Before this, I bought a lot of Smart Collection Perfumes and at the time, they cost between 1,500 naira – 2,000 naira. Back then, anything above that price range, in my books, was way too expensive. But look at me now 😒.

Back to my story, this perfume was a recommendation from the lady at my beauty supply store and since then I have been hooked. This was 2017/2018 and up till now, I always have one lying around somewhere even it’s empties. This one though, is down to its last drop.

Price: 4,500 naira – 6,000 naira. You can get it on Jumia if you are in Nigeria. Click here to get from Jumia at 4,699 naira. (Let me be your plug 😉)

Notes: Roses, Jasmine, Vanilla, Musk (These notes are my own opinion of what they smell like, they are not professional opinions on the smell of these perfumes)

Longevity: 9/10. One time I sprayed this perfume around 8am before going to work and at 6pm that same day, someone asked me what perfume I used. I was so surprised. No touchups!! This perfume lasts about 9+ hours on your clothes and hai. On my skin, it lasts about 6 – 8 hours.

Silage: 8/10. Surprisingly, even when I became nose blind to this perfume, people would still smell it on me no matter what. Although, the longer it stays, the closer a person has to be to smell it on me.

Sex: This is more of a Feminine scent but a man can use if he layers it with something muskier or woody. That will be a perfect combination.


When you first spray this, a confusing smell of Alcohol and musk hits you first, or at least, hits me. I usually cannot tell the smell of this perfume until after like 10-20minutes which is not so nice but if you can be patient, then you will not be disappointed.

Some people say this perfume smells a lot like La Vie Est Belle by Lancome and I totally agree. This perfume reminds me a lot about LVEB by Lancome. It has a rosy but musky note to it. It is sweet but not too sweet and in my opinion, it is not fruity. It is more rosy.

If you like roses or rosy scents you will like this.

If you like La Vie Est Belle by Lancome, then you will like this.

If you like feminine scents, then you will like this.

My advice to you, when you buy, tear the pink cloth wrapper. It looks classier and more expensive that way.

Let me know your experiences with this perfume in the comments below.

Until my next post, Kisses!

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Elma Ralph · February 13, 2022 at 3:26 pm

Thanks for sharing 😊
I’ve been a bit skeptical about getting this perfume, but with your description, I think I might like.
Off to get a bottle 🏃

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