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Today’s product review is on White Now soapThis is not my first encounter with the White Now range of products. I have used and I still occasionally use the White now oil. You can read my review on the oil by clicking here.

The last time I went to the store I wanted to get my usual Extract soap but it was not available. So, to replace the Extract soap for the main time, I decided to get white now. I already had a good experience with the oil, so getting the soap was not a hard decision.

Product Details: White Now Soap is a product of Lana Cosmetics Brand and the products range from oil, lotion and soap.


Price: 600 – 1,300 naira. Price may vary based on your location.

Ingredients: Sodium Palmitate, Sodium Chloride, Palm oil, Glyceryl Glucoside, Aqua, Vitamin E, Acetate, Active Elements, Kojic Acid, Hydroquinone 2%, Bearberry Extracts and fragrance. 


  • Moisturizing and does not leave the skin feeling dry.
  • Very affordable and available.
  • It has tiny granules that work for exfoliating the skin.
  • The soap feels milky/creamy in texture.


  • Contains Hydroquinone.

Rating: 5/10

As much as I loved using this soap for the time, I did not like the fact that it contained Hydroquinone. I don’t necessarily have an issue with hydroquinone, I just do not think it should be used for a long time.

It leaves your skin feeling clean and exfoliated without feeling dry. It almost feels moisturizing too. Honestly, when I used this soap, I did not feel the need to apply any body lotion. If you are someone who doesn’t like using lotions or a lot of lotions, this soap would work really well for you.

If your skin is compatible with hydroquinone, then you would like this soap. Besides the hydroquinone and if you don’t mind the hydroquinone, the soap is a good buy. I cannot tell if a dark skinned or light skinned can use it but I feel like any color of skin can use this soap.

Always use sunscreen!!!

Until my next post, Kisses!


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