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It’s been quite longer than a minute since my last post here. I promise you I am still alive. Although, my skin has been struggling for most part of this year but, I am happy to say my skin is getting better!

Today’s product review is a long-awaited review. This oil is one I’ve wanted to try out for the longest time, out of fear I stalled and alas my fears, I would not say were confirmed, but, they were valid.

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Product Details: Clinic Clear Whitening Body Oil is another product from Dodo Cosmetics. The other products from the range include soap, tube cream and body lotion.

Price: 1,000 – 2,000 naira. Price may vary based on your location. Click here to buy on Jumia from a trusted supplier.

Ingredients: Mineral oils, M.P.G, VIT. E, Demineralised water, Glycerine, Salicylic Acid, Benzoic acid, Menthol, Perfume.

My Experience: Before I started using this oil, I tried to find as much information as I could online about this oil. Whilst I found some negative reviews about this oil amidst the positive, nothing prepared me for what I experienced with this oil. I used this oil directly on both my face and body, which was my biggest mistake.

For the first few days, the oil worked pretty well. It helped smoothen my face, it brightened my skin, gave it a glow and what I loved most was the pale yellow tone it gives to the skin. Until about 2 weeks into using it did I start to see some adverse effects. Although I would like to note that the oil worked perfectly for my face the side effects were more on my body,

  • I developed something called Chicken skin. They came as rashes on the upper part of my arms and they itched a lot. I also noticed some mostly on my knees and back of my leg. This was odd because this is something I have almost never experienced before.
  • It is known that I have thin and sensitive skin. My skin is prone to showing veins and thinning out whenever it is exposed to a strong and active skincare product. So, yes, I started seeing veins after 2 weeks.
  • Injuries, scratches etc stayed dark for some reason

To avoid all these issues that I got – do not use it directly on your skin!!!. If you know you have thin skin and sensitive skin like mine, please, avoid using it directly on your skin. You can mix it with other mild or gentle oils, creams and lotions. It works better that way for sensitive skin type.


  • Brightening and moisturizing of the skin without feeling oily.
  • Effective and very active.
  • Gives this pale yellow glow to the skin that is absolutely beautiful.
  • Affordable for the size of 125ml


  • Too strong for sensitive and thin skins. If you have sensitive skin do not apply it directly on your skin.

Rating 8/10


Honestly, I am in love with this oil. It’s sad that I hard to learn the hard way how to use it but I would still recommend it to anyone. The only difference would be how you use it.

Instead of directly on my skin, my most prefered way to use this oil is to use it in my black soap and sometimes mix it with other body oils that I have. Although I have not mixed it with body lotions yet, It works perfectly for my skin and I will definitely buy it again.

Until my next post! Kisses!

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