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Today’s review is about Fair & White lotion. A while ago I posted a review of Fair & White brightening oil which you can read here, since then, to be honest, I’ve wanted to see what else in the line could work for me.

This lotion is the first real lotion I have used in a really long time, that is after I tried the white secret lotion for a few weeks. The lotion I used for the most part of this year, that is, when I use any body lotion at all, has been Abonne Lotion. You can find the review here. Abonne lotion wasn’t as moisturizing as I needed it to be and cannot be used on the face. That’s where this Fair & White lotion won my heart.

I got this lotion based on a recommendation from the beauty supply store and because I was already curious about the brand in general, I decided to give it a try.

Product Details: Fair & White Glutathione Lotion is one of the products of the Fair & White Paris Glutathione range. This particular lotion is the Extra Maxi Tone with Glutathione and Vitamin C. It is for brighter and revitalized skin. Comes in a small 350 ml bottle which is quite small. I found that this range also has Extra brightening lotion.

Also included in the range is the Soap and the Serum. I wanted to try out the lotion alone before I decide if I want to mix it with the serum or not.

Price: 4,500 naira. Price may vary based on your location.

Ingredients: Aqua, glyceryl stearate, paraffinum liquidum (mineral oil), hydroxyphenol (hydroquinone), perfume, stearic acid, palmitic acid, glutathione, ascorbic acid, cetearyl alcohol, carbomer, triethanolamine, disoduim edta, sodium sulfite, sodium metabisulfite, methylparaben, propylparaben.

My Experience

Based on my findings online, this particular range is for light-skinned people. They have other ranges that are for different skin types and colours. Hence, this glutathione line was recommended for me.My take on this lotion is that,let’s just say it’s a love and hate relationship

I bought this lotion early december 2020. It evened my skin tone all round and brighten my skin also. It did not whiten my skin but it did brighten. I felt confident in my skin with this lotion.It took 2 weeks for me to notice any difference in my skin. This is where it gets interesting..

I was going through reviews online because I was wondering how come no one is talking about how good the lotion was. So I somehow found myself on their website and that’s where I found out that this lotion contains hydroquinone.

Apparently, hydroxyphenol is another name for hydroquinone.


  • Very lightweight and moisturizing lotion
  • Evened out my skin tone completely.
  • No drastic whitening or lightening,
  • Can be used on both your face and body.


  • Pricey for 350 ml.
  • Not yet available everywhere.
  • Contains hydroquinone.

Rating: 5/10

In my opinion, I liked this lotion. I did not have any skin issues with this lotion. I used the lotion mostly once a day. The price was an issue for me initially but i eventually got over it.

The problem was the hydroquinone content and as soon as I found out my perception about it changed.

Hydroquinone is not for long term use.

I would not be purchasing again or seemingly, any other Fair &White body lotion. As of now, I have stopped using the lotion and disposed it.

Fair & White body lotions do contain hydroquinone/hydroxyphenol.

I think I will be taking a step back from body lotions all together. I will be using oils for a while just to give my skin a break.

Please check ingredients list of products you buy. It is why I always try to post ingredient lists.

Until my next post, Kisses!


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