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Today is going to be all about pro mixing. Before I get on to the topic, I hope everyone is doing okay and staying safe.

My experience with organic skincare (which was disastrous by the way) has opened my eyes and made me very curious about skincare in general. Also, being someone who isn’t a 100% fan of DIYs also, I have been doing a whole lot of research online. During my research, I came across pro-mixing and my interest peaked.

So, if you have had an interest in pro-mixing but never understood or had time to check it out, here is a beginner’s guide to pro-mixing.

What is Pro-Mixing?

Put plainly, pro-mixing is the mixing of different skincare products to get the desired skincare product. As it implies, it is mixing skincare products.

Pro mixing can also be carried out over various products. We have Synthetic-synthetic mix, synthetic-organic mix, and organic-organic mix. My focus will be on full synthetic mixing.

What can I Pro-Mix?

Pro mixing spreads across numerous skincare products. Technically, we can mix lotions, creams, face creams, shower gels, soaps, scrubs, oils, serums, and the list is endless. You can mix almost all, if not all, skincare products. Mix them together, mix them separately, there is no limit as to what you can or cannot mix and what you can make out of them.

Who can Pro mix?

Anyone can pro mix anything. It would be safer to note that, pro mixing has different levels. Today, I will only be talking about pro mixing for beginners or novices, keep in mind that there are professionals in pro mixing and it would take a lot more training and practice to be one.


  • Pro mixing is not selective
  • Flexibility and ability to mix various things to suit your preference.
  • Affordable, that is if you use a mix of affordable products.
  • Versatile
  • Easy to do. If I must say, a lot easier than organic mixing or even DIY.


  • The risk of mixing something that may work against your skin is quite high.
  • Too many products can spoil your mix.
  • Measuring and percentages can be a bit tricky.

How to Pro-Mix

Now the basis has been covered lets go-ahead to the main thing. For today, I will show you how to pro mix a skin lightening body lotion. This applies to anything, skin glowing, skin moisturizing, skin lightening, skin whitening, and skin-brightening lotions. What makes the difference would be the ingredients you use for your mix.

What you will need:
  • Base Cream. This can be any lotion of your choice. For strong whitening lotions, you will need a whitening base cream. (50%), for moisturizing and glowing lotions, you will need a moisturizing base cream.
  • Lightening Serum (Optional) – Note that this is only necessary when you are pro-mixing a lightening lotion, if not, skip those step. e.g Ct+ clear therapy serum, Citro clear serum etc. (20%)
  • Skin brightening/smoothing/nourishing oil (10%) E.g Vitamin E oil, Carrot oil. For a skin glowing or skin moisturizing mix, you can use oils like almond oil, jojoba oil, shea oil.
  • Glycerin. You can go for a plain glycerin. The purpose of glycerin is moisturising. For strong whitening lotions, use whitening glycerin. (10%)

The percentage indications will help with determining the measurements to use for your mix. For example, using the above listed, if you want to get a 500ml lotion mix your ingredients will be as follows:

  • Base cream 250ml
  • Lightening serum 100ml/125ml
  • Nourishing Oil  50ml
  • Glycerin 50ml

Mix all ingredients properly in a clean bowl. Mix with a mixing spoon or a spatula until properly mixed together. Then transfer to your desired container.

That’s all I have today for you all. Hope you learned something.

Until my next post.




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