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I hope you are all well, especially with the ongoing lockdown. Don’t forget to wash your hands, use a sanitizer, stay indoors and stay safe.

Not too long ago, I posted my review on Veet Gold face cream. As much as I loved the face cream, my skin reacted badly to it and I had to stop use immediately. Meanwhile, I have run out of skincare products, and due to the lockdown going out to get anything is not an option. Instead, I decided to improvise and I randomly started to use my face cream on my body as a body moisturizer.

My experience

For the past one week and counting, I have been using the Veet Gold face cream on my body at least once a day and I love it. I am yet to notice any drastic or dramatic change in my skin in general but my skin feels very smooth. As a body lotion, this face cream feels good and my skin is soaking it all up. The skin on my body tends to be quite dry and this provides the perfect amount of moisture for my body without making my body feel heavy and sweaty.

Based on my findings, I am yet to find any skincare rule that says one cannot use a face cream on the body as opposed to using a body cream on your face. Also, face creams are generally more concentrated and active due to the fact that the face is a lot more sensitive when compared to the body. Another thing I love about this as a body moisturizer is also the fact that unlike a lot of body lotions & creams, it does not contain petroleum jelly, base oils or all other complex ingredients body lotions contain. This allows the active ingredients to work directly on my skin


  • A little goes a long way
  • Feels velvety smooth on the body.
  • Rich and thick but dries up quickly.
  • Long-lasting. This cup can last me at least 2 months.
  • Smoothens my skin from top to bottom


  • No cons for me.


This earns a full score for me as a body lotion. Veet gold face cream meets and surpasses all my expectations as a body lotion and I love it! The texture, feel and everything about the way it feels on my body is perfect. With the way I feel, I may permanently make this my body cream and continue to use it as a body moisturizer in the future,

Also, I think I may carry more experiments on how face creams perform as body creams and maybe, just maybe, my ideal body cream will turn out to be a face cream.

You can read my detailed review on Veet gold face cream by clicking here.

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