In addition to the money talk series, today I will share how to manage money with the Covid_19 outbreak. With the situation of the world and the pandemic at hand, countries are in pain, economies are plummeting and businesses are crashing. I cannot help but wonder how hard things would be for people to survive, how much worse it would be for people who do not have anything like savings & emergency funds and for those who leave from hand to mouth.

A lot of people I know are losing their jobs, salaries are being cut by up to 50% while some others are left with minimal stipends as supports from their respective workplaces. Honestly, I would not blame these companies as the viral outbreak is not their fault or even in their control. All of these things make me feel very sad.

This post is a way to help manage any savings, stipend, or funds at hand with the hope that things would get better for each of us.

Save on Wants

This is definitely not the time to splurge on unnecessary items, that wish list, that summer shopping list etc. For now, the best thing would be to push all wants aside, wants of any kind, and focus on survival. If you are still working and earning, set aside all extra funds from your earnings, keep them as savings, and spend only on necessities. Any extra money should go to emergency savings.

Spend on only necessities

Basic necessities such as food and shelter are the only things anyone should worry about now. Stock up, if you can afford to, on foodstuffs especially the unperishable items as we do not currently know how long this lockdown will last.

Stop online shopping!!!

“An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”, the devil, in this case, is online shopping. Somehow, online shopping businesses are thriving right now, that is, beside the food industry and staying at home only makes things worse.

Times like this anything can happen. I for one have caught myself randomly scrolling through websites looking at things I do not need or want, all out of boredom. If possible, do not go on to any of these websites, at least, that’s what I’ve been doing and it has helped. Block them!

Eat less!!

Everyone is talking about how this period is for weight gain because staying at home, with no movement and a house filled with food is too much temptation. I may be wrong, but it’s the opposite for me. Maybe this is fear, but not knowing how long this lockdown would last and if the food I have would be enough has shrunk my appetite.

All I am saying is, try to discipline yourself and eat only when you are hungry. I mean, you won’t have to worry about weight gain or how to lose any weight. Sounds like a win-win!!!

Create an emergency Budget

Having or creating a budget now seems a bit counter-intuitive but hear me out. If you are have been blessed and you are still earning, create a budget, and be strict to the teeth with it. Budget and plan how much you would like to spend on your food, bills, and all other necessities.

But if you are a lot tight on funds right now, budgeting will help to allocate whatever it is you have left to avoid situations like panic spending. You will be able to plan whatever you have leftover a period of time.

Stay Positive

Everyone is sad, upset, depressed, and worried. Staying positive seems like the hardest thing and the farthest thing from our minds. All we have left is hope and all we can do now is pray and hope that all of this will end soon.

Stay Safe. Love from me to you!


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