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I have gotten quite a few emails and suggestions to post my top skincare products. This would range from lotions to soaps to shower gels to serums etc. Today, I will be posting about the best skin lightening soaps that I know of. These soaps are skin lightening soaps that work. While they may not be skin whitening soaps but with consistent usage, they will brighten and lighten your skin over time.

In this blog post, the soaps I will be talking about can be used by any skin tone, light or dark. Do note that they will and may lighten your skin over time, so be prepared for that. Some of them have been used by me and are based on personal reviews whilst a few others are based on other people’s reviews.

Let’s jump straight into it. The skin lightening soaps, in no particular order, are:

Asantee Papaya and Honey soap


Asantee papaya and honey soap

Asantee papaya and honey soap

This is one of my all-time favorite soaps. This is one of the first skin brightening soaps I ever used. Asantee papaya will help with mild exfoliation, pimples and brightening with time. It is very affordable. You can find a detailed review if you click here.

Asantee papaya and honey soap does not lighten your skin but it will brighten and fade out spots.

K Brothers Babyface soap with AHA (pink  & white)


K brothers baby face soap full view

K brothers baby face soap review

If you are looking for exfoliation and skin lightening by removing dead cells this is the best soap you can get. I love these soaps. K brothers soaps are wonderful for full-on skin whitening or lightening. With regular use you can go up to a shade lighter with just the soap alone. They work very well, are very affordable and get the job done. The main ingredient in this soap is AHA(Alpha Hydroxy Acid) which we all know works well for exfoliation. You can find detailed reviews here and here.

I would advise you to moisturize a lot and use sunscreen as these soaps tend to increase the sensitivity of your skin and can be quite drying also.

Nano extra white soap

Nano Extra white

Nano extra white reminded me a lot about Asantee papaya soap. This soap is better for mild skin brightening which happens over time with consistent use. It can be used to maintain skin tone also.  I do not have much to say regarding this soap. I do know it works quite well for a lot of other people, hence why it is on my list. Read my review here.

RDL kojic whitening soap

rdl kjic whitening soap review

When it comes to kojic acid and kojic acid soap, RDL kojic whitening soap takes the lead for me. Not only does it contain kojic acid, but it also contains malic acid, lactic acid and other acids that help with skin peeling that result in skin lightening. If you are looking for a mild, cheaper way to peel your skin and brighten your skin at the same time, this is the best choice. I made a detailed review of this soap which you can find here.

Also note that on this list, this is probably the most expensive soap.

CT+ Clear Therapy soap

CT+ Clear therapy

This particular soap, I have not used before. I will buy and give it a try. Based on hearsay, this soap does a good job at skin lightening in general. The soap comes in the Plant extracts and carrot oil variants.

I have used the CT+ serum and based on that I can relate or imagine how effective the brand itself is.

Clinic Clear soap

Clinic clear soap

Clinic clear soap is another absolute favorite of mine. It helps with pimples, acne by drying them up and also gives as squeaky clean feel to the skin. The smell, as always, puts me off a lot, but all in all, I like this soap. I cannot fully confirm the lightening effects of this soap but it will smoothen and over time brighten up your skin. Also, this soap can be quite drying. There is a review that you can find here.

I hope this helps.

If you have any suggestions as to what product you want me to review or try out, leave your comment below or send a mail to me at hpbeau01@gmail.com or admin@hpbeau.com

Until my next post, kisses!


Jen · May 2, 2020 at 10:32 am

I discovered your blog recently and I must say you are doing well with the reviews. However, I’ll like to ask what I can use for uneven skin tone for face and neck.
Thank you.

    Half Price Beau · May 2, 2020 at 6:55 pm

    Hi jen,
    For even skin tone face and neck, if you have a normal skin try Veet gold gluta white face cream.

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