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Today’s post I will be sharing my skincare secret recipe to the best skin lightening and brightening shower gel.

Products Used

  1.  Crystal White Shower Gel 1 litre or almost any other shower gel of your choice. But, for specific reasons I would advice.
  2.  Citro Clear Serum (2 bottles)

Initially, I came across this recipe around last year or so, when a reader suggested it in the comment section. I tried to do it apparently but did not mix it well or proportion it well so it yielded no result. So recently, December 2019 to be precise, I wanted to buy a bottle of my Crystal White, as usual, I felt my skin looked too discolored, dull and I wanted to get my skin back. The lady, hearing my plight, suggested I add citro clear serum to the shower gel for skin brightening and honestly, I think I am hooked.


  • Mix the full 1,000ml with 2 Citro clear serum.
  • Mix till fully incorporated. The color of the shower gel will change from pure white to a kinda yellowish-white color. Then pour and use!

1 week after I started using, I noticed a difference. Although, I did not have to apply body lotion on some days because my skin was fine but it fits into the description for a perfectly mild skin lightening shower gel for everyday use.


  • It will help to brighten the body.
  • It helps with scars, dark marks, body discoloration, and dull skin.
  • It helps to smoothen your skin whilst brightening it, leaving your skin bright and fresh.
  • It is quite affordable.


  • It can only be used on the body, but not the face.
  • The crystal white shower gel is quite scarce outside Lagos state.

Note: If you want to reduce the brightening effect as a darker-skinned person use 1 citro clear serum to mix your shower gel instead of 2.

If you are a dark, brown or chocolate-skinned person who tried out this recipe, please please and please, I would love to know how it worked for you and your reviews. Leave your reviews in the comments or send a mail to admin@hpbeau.com.

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Until my next post, lots of love.



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