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It has been a long long minute. I cannot apologize enough for my sudden absence and disappearance. Life happened in so many ways.

I have gone from changing jobs, adjusting to my new work schedule, working out my finances, my Faith to battling chickenpox (you can imagine!! Chicken Pox!! At this age in life!! Oh well). Getting my skin back on a steady ride has been by far the toughest of them all. Since the chickenpox incident, I cannot tell you anything else except the fact that I gave up on my skin. The spots from chickenpox are as devilish as they come. It’s been over 3 months now and I am still a walking wallpaper of spots.

This brings me to what I want to talk about today ORGANIC SKINCARE PRODUCTS. The whole idea for me, at the start of the year, was to focus on natural products with fewer chemicals to see how good they were for the skin in general.

In recent times, organic skincare has gained a lot of recognition and clout, it has widely grown. It is also commendable that people have become aware of natural skincare. In an attempt to make this transition, I tried to do research online, create DIY recipes that resulted in natural disasters. See what I did there!

Excluding the weeks I had my chickenpox, here is are the lessons I learned

  • DO NOT DIY organic skincare. That is if you are not a professional at skincare or properly trained in the least. Those recipes online are mostly there for self-sabotage. I almost burned my skin all in the name of doing it myself..
  • Organic skincare is expensive! Now, I do not know what exactly I was paying for if it was the product, the service or the advertisement. I was spending as much as 4,000naira for a 20ml bottle of “glow oil” amongst other things. You still had to buy the scrub, bar soap, shower gel, face cream, body lotion and the list goes on. Which did not even make sense at the time to me!
  • The number of organic skincare vendors is too much. In my opinion, it’s like they keep sprouting out of nowhere.
  • Do they know their stuff? A lot of vendors are not aware of the composition of their products. Most of them buy wholesale from the real producers to resell. In a bid to make sales, they recommend the same thing to almost everyone. The crazier thing is, the only means of differentiation is your skin color. “Are you light or dark or caramel?”
  • Do not trust those damned reviews!!! I remember one particular incident, I got this “herbal glow soap” that was supposed to be black soap mixed with oils and other natural ingredients. Based on the reviews I saw, it was supposed to be wonderful. I used it for only about 2 weeks and alas, I would always come out of the bathroom looking so red. I could not be in a hot room, once it got hot, my face, neck, and body would begin to itch and sting. It was torturous. Not only was it pricey, but it was also a disaster.
  • Finally, organic is not for everyone. Maybe I have not found the right combination for my skin but I feel like I’ve had better skin days when I used synthetic and non organic products.

A whole lot of products contain harmful chemicals and preservatives, but one thing to also note is that these products are made by professionals and dermatologists who have spent years studying every single aspect of skincare.

Unlike the synthetic skincare world, there is no structure when it comes to natural skincare. When compared to certain things, a lot of all these online skincare vendors are quite naive. They do not take into account things like skin types, skin sensitivity, etc.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to bash all organic skincare makers and their brands. I am well aware that there are a few organic skincare brands that are experts in their line. Be self-aware to recognize the fraud from the real ones and if your ideal skincare product is not organic, don’t feel like you have to change it.

Love your skin, know your skin, find what your skin loves and stick to it. Whatever it is, organic or otherwise. If you are going for an organic skincare brand, go for a well-known brand and one you can trust.

From using organic skin care products, I have gotten burn marks, burns. dark knuckles, dark toe knuckles, a burned and a darker face. Hence, I am going back to what works for me. As of now, I have reverted to Crystal white shower cream and a bottle of natural coconut oil. I am not back on track yet but I will get there.

Reviews will be back up as per the usual, I am currently on the hunt for affordable products I can review. So, if you have any skincare products that are affordable and you need a test subject, leave them in the comments or send me a mail at and I will get on it.

Sorry for my long long ramble but do you have any good or bad organic skincare experiences, share in the comments below. I look forward to reading them.

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Claudia · July 3, 2019 at 4:01 pm

Love this post! It’s definitely true that finding the right organic skincare is so difficult with the amount of choice around right now.

    Half Price Beau · July 3, 2019 at 4:06 pm

    Exactly Claudia!! In the end it’s all about finding what your skin loves and thrives with and the rest will be fine.
    Thank you for commenting.

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